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Louisville, KY


3418 Frankfort Ave. 

Suite 218 

Louisville, KY


Downtown Louisville, KY


510 E Chestnut St, 

Louisville, KY 


 New Albany, IN


110 E Market St. 

New Albany, IN 


 New Albany, IN


180 W Spring St

 New Albany, IN 


Buckner, KY


1215 N HWY 393 

Buckner KY 40031



1700 Frederica St., Suite 105

Owensboro, KY 


Cincinnati, OH


2111 Dana Ave

Cincinnati, OH 


FFR Cancellation Policy 

The online portion must be completed prior to attending the in-class portion and must be taken on a PC or tablet with a high speed Internet connection.

Allow approximately 1 - 3 hours to complete the online portion.

You will receive an email from American Red Cross with instructions to complete your online portion after registration. You will receive your email, that contains instructions, within 12-24 hours after registration.


Do not wait until the day before your scheduled start time - to try to access the online portion. This course take approximately 3 hours to complete online - and if you wait and cannot complete the online portion for any reason - you will not be allowed into the classroom. We do not take after hour phone calls or emails. American Red Cross customer service also has office hours, and may not be available.

We look forward to seeing you in class for your skills session!

Hometown Hollywood

Fierce First Response

(502) 419-3211

Please Note Important Information Below:

Fierce First Response values every seat in our classroom. If you have reserved a seat in one of our classes, we have very strict policies about any student failing to meet requirements and very little consideration will be given. As an ARC training center, our class seats are very limited due to Covid 19 and standards in providing quality training to every individual.

If you are a NO SHOW / NO CALL - This means you will automatically be withdrawn from this course and NO refunds will be given under any circumstances. Calling the morning of your class - calling when you are late and the instructor will not let you in, is also too late. This is a 90 minute skills session and you are expected to be in your place, that we held for you in this class, at the start time of the class.

If you do not complete your online prerequisite and show up to class location, you will be asked to leave the classroom, you will be withdrawn from this course and NO refunds will be given under any circumstances. 

No late admittance and no refunds will be given under any circumstance.

You may cancel your class online - directly from your appointment reminders, all the way up to 24hours prior to your class start time, after 24hours prior to start time, the system will not allow a cancellation, - no refunds, under any circumstances, as we cannot fill this seat that you reserved.

You may cancel your class online - directly from your appointment reminders - All courses are non-refundable. No refunds will be given at any point in time.

Please note: If after 72 hours prior to your course and you must reschedule, you may reschedule your course, if any of the above requirements, that you agreed upon, and for whatever reason, now, cannot be fulfilled by you, by paying a rescheduling fee of half the cost of your course. We will reschedule any student ONLY ONE time, with the rescheduling fee paid. If you fail to meet requirements once again, there is no option of rescheduling or refunds for any reason, under any circumstance. Please email us at FIERCEFIRSTRESPONSE@GMAIL.COM with your intentions, we will invoice you directly the rescheduling fee and after you pay the fee, you will be re-enrolled in another course. As discussed and agreed upon day and time with the training center.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have to be withdrawn from any course, the online portion that you completed, will be voided completely and you will have to complete the online portion once again. These enrollments come directly from ARC, if you cannot complete the requirements, for any reason, and you are enrolled in a different class, day or time, as agreed upon by the training center, you will get another link for your online portion directly from ARC and this will have to be completed and proof of completion is required upon entering the classroom.

More Important Information:

Please leave valuables in car. You need to only bring your completion certificate (Blended Learning ONLY) into the classroom.

*No siblings or other children are allowed in the classroom.

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